IronMadillo episode 2 finally coming out

Why do I feel as if I need to use the word ‘finally’ so much on this blog? That’s not a good sign! Need to think about that! In the meantime, after episode 1 was fully uploaded, the second part of Amanda’s destructive adventure begins today with Rhiannon’s awesome cover!

Read it from the beginning here

IM face

Slug-Man Episode 13 begins today!

Good news if you’ve been waiting with baited breath for the next instalment of Slug-Man’s terrible situation involving gnomes and robots, the next episode is starting uploading today. A page will go up each day until it’s finished, and then there’ll be a huge wait for the next one!

Read it here (from the beginning)

IronMadillo is going up, long overdue

Today, on my birthday, I’m finally starting uploading the redrafted, new IronMadillo episode 1 to the internet! Expect improvements in pretty much every area of art, including the fabled appearance of noses…

Start reading (my best looking comic so far) here!


IronMadillo Wallpaper

Because I needed it myself, for my own computer, as a reminder to get on with drawing/colouring IronMadillo’s thrilling second instalment, I created this high-definition desktop wallpaper featuring everyone’s favourite armoured adventurer. Use it if you want, enjoy!

(Click for HD)

Ironmadillo Wallpaper

Stella’s Origin story is going up

Since Slug-Man episode 12 is now fully uploaded, it’s about time we began putting up the continuation of the Sevens Crew Origins comics, right? Right! So episodes 1 to 3 of the Stella comic will be going up here, daily, until I’ve drawn more…

Slug-Man #12 begins, tomorrow!


In somewhat surprising news (even I doubted it’d be this soon), the new episode of Slug-Man, “Gnomercy”, will begin tomorrow. What do I mean, begin? Surely it’s ‘out’ tomorrow? No, in a novel move for me, this episode will be released page-by-page online for the next eleven days, free of charge.

Keep up with the story on the comic website here!

Previously on Colki Who…

A reminder of the events of Colkinom’s Doctor Who, ahead of the finale episodes, coming soon/this year!

Enjoy the compilation of character deaths!

FORESIGHT: The End of the Future?

The new film from Colkinom is here! Starring… me and Rhiannon and Iolo (and others!)

Bionic Badger trailer premiere…

Here’s the trailer for Colkinom’s newest, huge, two-year long film project… out soon!

Slug-Man Story 3 begins, and how to read it!

Finally. FINALLY. I’ve caught up with the times. What’s the worth of print, anyway, if it means internet people on this website won’t be able to see what I’m actually on about? I’ve pondered, and wasted time, but now it’s sorted out. Every comic I produced (Or will produce) for the foreseeable future, will be released for all and any to read right here on the web, for free. Because that’s only fair, isn’t it?

I’ll be posting comic pages up on a schedule for a long while yet, until I catch up with my own productivity. Slug-Man episodes #1-#10 are already online on the BRAND NEW SLUG-MAN COMICS SITE! Right here!

Wow! Plus, what you also came for, BRAND NEW COMICS! Episode 11 is posting up at one-page-a-day until it’s done. Then, you can look forward to the entire Sevens Crew Origins series posting up similarly.

So, now, there’s no excuses for not being up-to-date…